The House At Manvel, Texas

mansionThe “Manvel Mansion”, a real–life giant’s house from, Jack and the Beanstalk, is creating quite some waves in the real estate market. Why wouldn’t it? Given the history, a big question mark appears in the head of any person reading about it. A lot of stories have been circulating in the news regarding its whereabouts; here is what we know so far.

15 years ago, a doctor and his Mrs. laid grounds for the construction of a post surgical, live-in rehab facility in Manvel, Texas. Covering over 60 thousand square foot worth of land with 15 acre lot, 9 car garaged and attached portico which may be intended for use as an inpatient entrance, the intentions of the good doctor were pretty much clear. However, before the day of the grand opening could come, the couple opted for a smaller structure in the adjacent area to furnish their purpose.

The huge manor was hence left in the middle of its construction process. Spades and other construction materials can still be spotted in various rooms. Construction lights and portions of the house still half made, give the house a look of an ongoing construction. This might be the reason why the house is so comparatively reasonable, listed at RE-MAX for only $3.5 Million.

While still being a reasonable price for the this house, it’s not easy to just sprout out said $3.5 million dollars. This amount of money most likely requires a loan from a bank who is willing to trust the borrower. If however the bank won’t lend enough money, you can always count on collateral loan businesses such as title loan companies.

The castle like structure comprises of 46 bedrooms to use at your leisure. 26 of them even have full made bathrooms to go along. One can’t simply contend themselves with the basics, so the house also accommodates a pool, spa, complete with an elevator for indoor, at hand refreshments or so it seems.  Although seemingly a good deal for $3.5 million , the sale deed is just the start. Many rooms need finishing. Walls, floors, even some ceilings need quite a bit of work before it is habitable enough to live with.

The investment might however be fruitful. The building is a real go to for institutional companies. The complete establishment could hold up to 70 bedrooms and have room for all the other facilities you may want to fit in. It has never been lived in before. The empty walls and the massive space the house provides, is a designer’s dream come true. One can alter the space as they want, convert into a full fledged office headquarters or transform it into a five star hotel, the choices are fathomless.

Some may be thinking of the house from a business point of view, others have started associating it with horror stories. Standing alone, with all the unkempt grass growing around it, the house does give an eerie air to the surroundings, no doubt. The sidewalk is missing, there is no driveway. Yes, it may seem “weird and ugly” to some. Put to the right use, the giant’s house could just turn into a gold egg laying hen for others.

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