Some Claim Orlando Shooting was a Hoax

Skeptical Mourning

Amidst national tragedy, there’s no shortage of collective doubt that leads to the notion that false flag operations are behind some of the most evil and bloody tragedies of our modern era. The idea that the American government is setting up false flag operations to further its hidden and dark agenda is nothing new. From planned operations like that of Operation Northwoods to operations that have come to fruition, Gulf of Tonkin, these incidents set a precedent mindset for a percentage of the American population that firmly believes that the American government is spilling American blood for their own gain. To the average American and those on the outside looking in, these accusations can be extremely far-fetched to the point that believers in false flags are labeled as ‘fringe’ and all credibility is lost.

False flag operations are tried and true military, governmental and monarchical operations that have been used to further agendas and go far back as 1788 in which a tailor for the Royal Swedish Opera was commissioned to sew Russian uniforms that would be used by Swedes to attack a Swedish outpost that gave King Gustav III the necessary backing to launch an offensive against the Russian Empire that sparked the Russo-Swedish War.

The Swedish false flag operation would surely not be the only time in which figures in power would use false pretenses to gain the upper hand. Other notable incidents include:

These incidents have been confirmed to be true and have changed the course of history in their respective time periods. Now it’s no surprise that Americans distrust the government in trying times, seeing as how they’ve been involved in numerous confirmed operations. The collective thought on the nefarious involvement of the American government in these incidents is based on the quick response of high level politicians to start spewing rhetoric that furthers their own agenda. From gun control, to tighter border security, immigrant deportation and more war, these issues ride the coattails of these tragedies to engrave themselves in the psyche of the American population.

Taking a look at the most recent national tragedy, the Orlando nightclub shooting, which left 49 dead and 50 injured, there is no shortage of rumors that this event was a false flag operation orchestrated by the government. From accusations that certain victims of this event were crisis actors, playing a role produced by the government, to the uncovering of information that the Orlando shooter was employed by a multinational British private security company since 2007 and that the FBI came into contact with the shooter twice prior to the incident in Orlando. It puts into question the true motives of the killer when the government knew about him and also that he worked closely with government entities for years. All this leads to speculation in the role that this Orlando event will play in the bigger picture. Could this have been a false flag to pursue massive gun control or other political ideals? The American population will never know the full facts on this event and it can just as easily have been a crime of hate. The American population should do their own objective research and question everything. In the era of information, knowledge is key.

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