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Mother Goose and other Nursery Rhymes

The Hendersonville TN Police Department has created a special display area for your artwork. You can send in the pages that you have colored here in the Nursery Rhymes Coloring Pages or you can send in artwork that you yourself have drawn and colored. (You can even send in a picture of what you think Detective Denney or the NiteOwl^ looks like.)

Be sure and sign all your artwork. Put your name, age, and the city and state that you live in.

Then all you have to do is put it in an envelope addressed to:

Detective Denney
c/o Hendersonville Police Department
3 Executive Park Drive
Hendersonville , TN

Have your Mom or Dad put a stamp on it and then mail it for you. That's all there is to it.

***Special note to Moms and Dads: If you include your mailing address or email address with your child's artwork, Detective Denney will send your child a personalized message from the HPD.


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