Cruz Fires back at Trump After Attack on his Dad

What Did Ted Cruz Really Tell Donald Trump After the Latest Attack?

On Tuesday, May 3rd, the primary campaign for the Republican ticket to the highest political office in the United States reminded voters just how ugly politics can get. The latest attack by GOP frontrunner Donald Trump was aimed squarely at the family of main opponent Ted Cruz. Trump was campaigning in Indiana when he made an outlandish claim that seems to have come straight out of a low-rent tabloid publication geared towards clueless conspiracy theorists.

The strange claim made by the reality television actor and business mogul was against his rival’s father, Mr. Rafael Cruz. Trump went on the causal news segment Fox and Friends to say that the elder Cruz was with Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who killed President John F. Kennedy in 1963, prior to the assassination. The Fox and Friends hosts looked perplexed and were not sure how to respond, particularly because Trump was ambiguous insofar as explaining whether he was talking about JFK or Oswald being shot; however, the New York candidate continued and mentioned that this overlooked historical fact has been reported and no one is talking about it.

As expected the public reaction to this latest shenanigan was swift, but it is important to review how Trump may have come up with all the nonsense.


The National Enquirer

When Trump suggested that his claim had been previously reported, he was likely referring to a dubious report on the always scandalous tabloid The National Enquirer, which generally supports the Trump candidacy. The National Enquirer published a photo from the files of the Warren Commission, the legislative and investigative inquiry that lasted decades after the JFK assassination.

The aforementioned photo, which is a grainy, black and white shot that is now part of the public record, purportedly shows Rafael Cruz and Oswald passing out pamphlets a few months before the JFK assassination in Dallas. The National Enquirer includes a statement from an expert in digital photography, who believes that the elder Cruz is the man in the historical image.


The Response from Texas Senator Ted Cruz

What makes this incident a particularly strange chapter in American political campaigns is that Ted Cruz was contemplating giving Trump his personal endorsement for the GOP ticket should the New York businessman manages to collect the required delegate count to secure the candidacy. It is very possible that Cruz would have taken this route to show his constituency that he is a party loyalist, a straight man who is able to shrug off the insults spewed forth by Trump.

It so happens that all bets seem to be off now with regard to Cruz and Trump. Politics just got personal on the GOP primary front, and Cruz has spoken his mind about Trump. Cruz has called Trump a pathological liar and an amoral candidate who is more of a narcissistic figure than President Barack Obama. Cruz ended up his opinion of Trump with an actually funny joke about conspiracy theorists, showing a humorous side that has eluded him for most of the campaign.

Some political analysts believe that Ted Cruz may have gone a bit far with his personal rant on Trump, but others think that this could be the prelude to what may be a Machiavellian plot to ensure that Trump does not get the nomination despite winning all required delegates.

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