Celebrities That Are Getting Ready to Move Out of the US If Trump is President

al-sharptonThere has been no story that has dominated the news this year like Donald Trump and his now becoming the presumptive Republican party nominee. With most people having thought of him as nothing more than just a spectacle in the spotlight, Trump defied all conventional wisdom to ascend to where he is, and doing so despite controversial remarks he’s made on the big stage. For many people who’ve felt like traditional politicians have no interest in them, Trump’s candidacy has been embraced by them, and many believe his pedigree as a businessman is something that could help him be a good president. But Trump’s controversial statements have also angered people, and some of them have even threatened to leave the US should Trump ever reach the White House.

While it’s unclear how serious they are, the following famous people have at least expressed their intentions to leave:


Al Sharpton

A fiery man who certainly doesn’t hide what he thinks, and who may be as obnoxious as the man he’s opposed to for president, the Rev. Al Sharpton makes no secret that he’ll be leaving the country under a Trump presidency. It was during a fund raiser in New York City back in February that he specifically made the remark, “If Donald Trump is the nominee … I’m also reserving my ticket to get out of here if he wins. Only because he’d probably have me deported anyhow.” Sharpton’s been an avid supporter of Barack Obama and has made visits to the White House throughout his presidency, but even if he chooses not to leave the country under a President Trump, it’s probably safe to assume he will not be making any more trips to the White House.


Miley Cyrus

If there is one name out there in the celebrity world that’s so embroiled in controversy that Donald Trump looks like a saint by comparison, Miley Cyrus would be it. The once role model for young girls as Hannah Montana in her earlier years as a singer unfortunately moved to the dark side, especially making news after she had a simulated sex show performed at MTV’s VMA Awards in 2013. All that aside, she’s usually been quiet on politics, but she has said that she too will leave the country if Trump is president. In her own words it’s “move out da country” if he wins, followed by “I don’t say things I don’t mean!” just in case anyone didn’t think she was serious.


Lena Dunham

One of the most recent additions to the train of celebrities saying they will leave the country if Trump is elected is actress and producer Lena Dunham. She’s known primarily for the HBO series Girls, but she’s also appeared in other movies and written a new book called Is it Evil to Not Be Sure? Dunham won’t be straying too far from the US, but she’s been clear that if Trump becomes president, “I know a lovely place in Vancouver, and I can get my work done from there.” As for Trump, he seems only too happy to hear that Dunham has made plans to do so and believes it may be the fuel he needs to win.

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