My Brugmansias
(or better known as)
Angel Trumpets

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I'm basically an Angel Trumpet fanatic.  I love Angel Trumpets sooo much that I've now have over 30 named varieties.  Granted that there are only so many colors available in Angel Trumpets that alot of mine look alike, but trust me...they're not.  In the same color family there are lots of variations.  For the pink family there are light, medium and dark pinks., there are pinks with white, pinks with yellow, pinks with a greenish tint and solid pinks

I have more than 20 Angel Trumpets planted in the ground and about 250 that are in pots. The potted Angel Trumpets are my new starts and the ones that I sell.  The way that I got into raising and selling Angel Trumpets came naturally....I wanted to be able to provide a way for others to own and learn more about them.  Alot of people are afraid to have Angel Trumpets because they are poisonous .... but remember this.... ALL plants are poisonous if consumed in large quantities or certain parts of them. I've even met people that were afraid to just touch an Angel Trumpet, afraid that it would poison them.  I touch them all the time without gloves or any other protection.  I pull leaves, blooms, seed pods and so forth off of them and I'm still alive...LOL.

Below is just a few of my Angel Trumpets.  As time goes by I will be adding more.....lots more pictures.

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