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Please come in and make yourself comfortable...there are no formalities here....just an old barn where all are welcome.

You might be thinking to yourself 'What kind of site is this? A barn? An owl? Make yourself comfortable?' Granted this isn't a normal domain ...it's a combination of business, personal, and hopefully...fun sites. It's creation is one that hopefully will be of interest to young and old alike, where a web surfer may come and find something that triggers their interest.

In the future it is hoped to have a little something for everyone. But as you see.... NiteOwl.Org is now in it's beginning stages.


There is always a fresh pot of coffee or an ice cold drink..... so pull up a bale of hay..... sit for a while...and enjoy yourself.

It has been attempted to keep all pages to the minimum so that they will load faster for you...I know...I know....you're thinking to yourself.... yeah..... right.... just look how long it took this page to load. Hopefully, this page is the longest loading page that you will find. I know how frustrating it can be to have to wait and wait for a page to load just to find out that there is nothing on it that you particularly wanted to see.

***Note: If there are any more pages that take an exceptionally long time to load I will try to give you advance warning so you may make the decision whether you wish to wait for the page to load or to bypass it.


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